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MTN Business knows just how important it is for you to have a cell phone package that not only meets your needs, but provides you with added value too.

That is why we have simplified our contract packages. Now you don’t have to worry about choosing between cell phone packages or confusing titles; all you have to do is follow three very simple steps:


MTN AnyTime

Our AnyTime packages offer you the ultimate in flexibility. They comprise inclusive Airtime Value that adapts to fit the way you use your cell phone, whether you make calls, send SMS and MMS messages or access the internet from your phone. Including a TopUp option, MTN AnyTime is ideal for someone who makes his or her calls any day, at any time and to any network...

TopUp Option

Available on all new MTN packages, TopUp provides the perfect mix of contract and PayAsYouGo benefits. Just choose the amount you want to spend each month, and when that’s used up, simply top up with airtime just as you would with previous PayAsYouGo packages.

Contract Packages Monthly Sub. Incl. SMSs In-bundle Rate Out-of-bundle Rate Estimated Inclusive Minutes *
MTN AnyTime 50 R 50.00 25 R 2.30 R 2.85 21
MTN AnyTime 100 R 100.00 25 R 2.30 R 2.85 43
MTN AnyTime 200 R 200.00 25 R 2.30 R 2.85 86
MTN AnyTime 350 R 350.00 50 R 1.95 R 2.35 179
MTN AnyTime 500 R 500.00 50 R 1.95 R 2.35 256
MTN AnyTime 750 R 750.00 100 R 1.60 R 1.75 468
MTN AnyTime 1200 R 1,200.00 100 R 1.60 R 1.75 750
MTN AnyTime 1500 R 1,500.00 200 R 1.50 R 1.50 1,000

* The estimated number of inclusive minutes is based on the assumption that all inclusive Airtime Value is used for making local voice calls according to the applicable in-bundle AnyTime call rate.

* When activating MTN Zone, the package in-bundle and out-of-bundle rates will no longer apply. MTN-to-MTN calls will be charged at R2.50, and MTN calls to all other local networks will be charged at R3.00. ​