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 Business Needs

MTN Mobile APN


Companies, especially in the banking, telemetry and government sectors, are increasingly using mobile technologies (GPRS, EDGE, 3G and HSDPA) to ensure constant in-office and out-of-office connectivity. And as MTN Business is able to leverage off MTN’s extensive national coverage, we are able to provide you with a secure corporate-grade connectivity solution: MTN Mobile Access.


MTN Mobile Access is ‘always on’, and our national coverage is broad-based. Furthermore, you’ll enjoy the following MTN Mobile Access benefits:

  • Security : Authentication of all users.
  • Leading Technology : Improved applications: MTN Mobile Access facilitates several new applications that have not previously been available over GSM networks.
  • Reliability : Instant connections (No dial-up modem connection is needed.)
  • Increased Productivity : High transmission speeds.
  • Cost-reduction : Usage-based billing.

How it works

The use of a cellular network for mobile data services involves the creation of a Virtual Private Dial-in Network (VPDN). A VPDN gives you the experience of a private network even though it is implemented over MTN’s shared network.

MTN facilitates GPRS, EDGE, 3G and HSDPA remote access connectivity to your VPN, private network or hosted application. This is done by the creation and setup of a dedicated Access Point Name (APN). Individual cellular devices are authenticated (via a cell phone or MSISDN number) when they gain access to the APN, and connectivity is ‘always-on’ once access is gained.

Once connected, users will be routed to your VPN or WAN or to the MTN hosting centre.