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The modern workforce has a critical reliance on access to information that results in the widespread use of the Web, email, Intranets, and data networks. Accessing these networks remotely whilst on the go is becoming one of the most significant global trends in recent years. Workers travel more, want to work from home more often, and are spending more time out of the office with suppliers and customers. This means these workers often need access to company resources when offsite. Having access to information, from anywhere, at any time enables Partners to improve productivity.

How does a company control, secure, and allow access to their information and resources yet ensure that their workforce is mobile at the same time?

MTN Carrier Services now offers Wholesale APN for remote or mobile access to an organisation's Network, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Local Area Network (LAN), Hosted Applications etc.

With the increased coverage of South Africa by Mobile Data Services, increasing numbers of Wholesale organisations are turning to the Mobile technologies (GPRS, EDGE, 3G, HSDPA and LTE) to provide Wholesale connectivity. The demand for Wholesale connectivity coupled with the extensive coverage, instant activation and mobility aspect make the mobile data bearer technologies very attractive to Partners.

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