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Infrastructure as a Service


The cost of buying hardware, storing and securing it, licencing and maintaining it is extensive. It's also unnecessary. We can create, host and manage whatever server type you need through Server Virtual Hosting – giving you scalable, reliable, secure and cost-effective server access with on-demand capacity.

You can lower costs e​ven further through Server Virtualisation (which does away with physical hardware altogether). Data integrity and resources are guaranteed and performance is monitored 24/7. 

We can assist you with migrations, conversions and deployments from existing non-virtual environments, provide all the necessary software and licencing, and support and manage your apps and solutions.

What does it offer your business?

  • Virtual servers are fully customisable and can be accessed via an MPLS network or the internet
  • Server infrastructure can be modified within hours
  • Standard configuration provides for high availability
  • Your servers are secured on our premises and protected by firewalls
  • Advanced data backup options are available to prevent data loss



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