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IMSI Onseller

Swapping countries doesn’t mean you have to swap SIM cards too.

What is IMSI Onseller?

Taking advantage of International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) technology, IMSI Onseller enables international network providers to access the MTN network.

With this nationwide access, international networks can offer cheaper connectivity rates to their customers who use Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine devices in South Africa.

ISMI Onseller ensures that end-users pay local MTN data rates instead of Roaming costs. At the same time, the international network provider can offer a more convenient and cost-effective solution to its customers in South Africa

Benefits tailored for your business needs


Cost Management

Access to MTN local rates and benefits

Seamless Access Point Name (APN) entries

Multi APN connectivity to Dynamic Name Systems

Low latency

Local packet gateway connection onsite or to a cloud virtual machine

SIM lifecycle automation

Virtual Private Network access to self-manage the exchange

Improved customer experience

No more need change SIM cards to access a service

How the product works.

Through an IoT remote subscription management service, international network providers can ‘white label’ MTN SA IMSI profiles on their IoT platform and infrastructure.

This enables customers of an international network provider to use the MTN network.

These customers will then no longer need to change the SIM cards on their IoT or telemetry devices to access an internationally provided product or service. To ensure immediate compatibility with the MTN network, partner network providers must have a Home Location Register, a Gateway GPRS Support Node and a Short Message Service Center.

However, MTN can facilitate access to its network if the partner network provider does not have access to these technologies.

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