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Dedicated internet

Dedicated Internet 

Connectivity is the lifeblood of today's business. It supports your CRM communication channels. Your business processes and supply chain management tools. Internal, regional and cross-border communications depend on it. Information-sharing demands it. Maximum uptime is a non-negotiable.

MTN Business can give you the perfect leased-line or Diginet solution by routing your internet traffic through our MPLS backbone. It's fast. It's reli​able. It's secure. Supported round the clock and always on, it's the most efficient network in Africa.

What does it offer your business?

  • Reduced costs and scalable bandwidth

  • SLA-enforced performance for increased reliability and availability​

  • Detailed reporting and graphing for monitoring and proactive maintenance

  • Content filtering, anti-virus/anti-spam and managed firewalls with 24/7 support​



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