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MTN Business Broadband Wireless

What is MTN Business Broadband Wireless?

MTN Business Broadband Wireless is MTN’s low-cost, high availability broadband internet offering.

Powered by MTN’s world-class internet backbone and Licensed Point to Multipoint (PMP) microwave technology, MTN Business Broadband Wireless delivers high speed, symmetrical business-class internet access – ideal for customers requiring a reliable and efficient alternative to DSL and mobile broadband solutions.


The key components and features of MTN Business Broadband Wireless are as follows:

  • Uncapped and unshaped best effort broadband service;
  • No fair user policy (FUP);
  • Full local and international internet access;
  • Symmetrical speed;
  • High Availability;
  • Delivered via MTN’s carrier-grade licensed wireless spectrum.


*Promotional price available from 10 March 2020 to 10 June 2020*

MTN Business Broadband Wireless
Bandwidth optionsMonthly Recurring Charge (Incl VAT) 24 Month contract term
10 MbpsR999
20 MbpsR 1099
  • Free Installation;
  • Includes a Wi-Fi enabled router;
  • Prices include VAT;
  • For new MTN Business Broadband Wireless links only;
  • Terms and conditions apply.

How do I get MTN Business Broadband Wireless?

The *promo is only available in areas where there is PMP coverage.

To determine if your site is eligible:

  • Visit MTN’s coverage page (
  • Enter your physical address, GPS co-ordinates or Pin drop your location and search
  • If you qualify and are interested in the service, click on “I’m interested” and complete your details. Our MTN consultants will contact you.


Terms and conditions apply.




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