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MTN Made for Business

Improve employee engagement and enhance productivity with price plans built for business.

Why you should get Made for Business.

Do business anywhere with features such as conference calls, video and toll-free calling, enhanced voicemail, business apps and calendars, along with social media tools.

Personalised packages
• Choose between MTN-to-MTN bundles or MTN-to any network bundles
• Share data among a group of employees
• Decide whether your package is measured in megabytes used or airtime spent.

Who is it for?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Enterprises
  • Corporates

Made for Business cellphone contracts are designed for enterprises, corporates, entrepreneurs, and other business customers who need to stay in contact conveniently and whenever they want without dealing with out-of-bundle charges.

Key features of Made for Business:

• Bespoke contracts to suit your needs
• Maximised inclusive data and airtime
• Unique out-of-bundle rates
• Cheaper international calls
• Self-service through the MyMTN app
• Regular business promotions

Made for Business plans

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