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Who is it for?

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As the official mobile provider for the government of the Republic of South Africa, MTN Business has developed two unique offerings that provide qualifying state employees with voice, data and SMS bundles.

Apply for RT15 access.
Every state employee who wants to join their institution’s chosen offering must first get a confirmation letter from National Treasury to indicate that they have opted in.

>>Obtain confirmation letter<<

Product range

Everything starts with a conversation, and MTN Business has two products designed to help state departments have the conversations that matter.

Enterprise Sharing

A customisable and scalable solution that offers state institutions the ability to size their shared voice, data, Closed User Group and SMS bundles at cost-effective rates.

. Standard billing eradicates the need for complex reviews
. Improved scalability without cost implications.
. Users can recharge at their own cost when bundles are depleted.
. Simplified invoicing.
. Reaching specific limits doesn’t impact other limits.
. Personal and business usage on the same SIM card and device.
. Users have defined service usage limits.

MTN Business offers uncapped data for work purposes, and employees will need to recharge with a bundle for personal data usage.

State institutions must choose the size of shared national voice and national SMS bundles and can then manage national voice and SMS usage seamlessly through a self-service portal.

Business All Day

A tailored solution in which users only pay for what they use in a month based on flat rates for national voice, data, SMSs and Closed User Group voice.

. Configurable spend limits per user.
. Spend limits can be monitored and managed at an institutional level.
. Users have access to services on demand.
. Alerts help users monitor their spend limits.

Spend control is achieved through a spend limit (in Rand value), and state institutions can manage each limit through a self-service portal.

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Managing your usage

Each SIM card has an Enterprise wallet and a Personal wallet. State institutions allocate usage and manage the Enterprise wallet while employees manage the Personal wallet.

When an Enterprise wallet is used up, employees can recharge the Personal wallet for continued use.

Both wallets can be viewed and managed on the MTN Self-Service app.

Help & Support for RT15

Enterprise Sharing

Can an employee subscribe to Enterprise Sharing?
No. Only state institutions can subscribe to Enterprise Sharing and offer it to employees.

Can MTN differentiate between work and personal usage?

Can an employee recharge when their Enterprise wallet allocation is used up?

Is there a benefit extended to employees for recharges?
Yes. MTN offers state employees recharge bundles at reduced prices.

If a specific usage type is depleted, do other services get self-locked?
No, an employee will continue to have access to any remaining services with a positive balance.

Business All Day

Do I pay a subscription for Business All Day?
There is no subscription on Business All Day unless you choose Closed User Group or monthly device repayment.

Do uncapped data and unlimited Closed User Group apply to Business All Day?
No. State institutions pay for what they use.

How do I manage Business All Day to avoid ‘bill shock’?
Clients are required to set a Rand Spend limit on each SIM card. Users will be notified when they reach 50%, 90% and 100% of their Spend Limit. Users can also check how much (in Rands) they have left using the MTN Self Service app.

Can MTN differentiate between work and personal usage?

Can an employee recharge once their enterprise wallet allocation is depleted?

Is there a benefit extended to employees for Top-Up?
MTN offers state employees recharge bundles at reduced prices.

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