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Join Mtn Business Partner Programme

At MTN Business we believe in the  power of partnership. Our new Channel Partner Programme is designed to assist channel partners sell across large enterprises, public sector and large SMEs, unlocking endless opportunities for their business and their customers. 

Helping Channel Partners unlock endless opportunities through access to innovative, relevant resources and solutions. Our partners also get access to the latest, industry-relevant content from industry thought leaders. As a MTN Channel Partner, partners will also get access to more than 200 global partnerships, helping businesses grow locally and excel globally with MTN Business. 

Our dedication to helping you transform your business goes beyond simple partner accreditation. Our Channel Partner Programme continuously pushes innovation by driving efficiencies, growth across your value chain and access to cutting edge, industry-relevant content and insights from industry leaders. MTN Business’ Channel Partner Programme is here to empower Channel Partners to realise their own unique business vision. 

Our different Partner Models:

2 Tier Distribution Model targeting IT Resellers  Signs up resellers under their master agreement
Market Coverage
Distributors have established IT Reseller
Channels selling into SME, Corporate & Public Sector Customers
Geographical Coverage
National Distribution with branches in all  provinces
Partners that promote and refer business to MTN. MTN contracts, invoices and bills the end customer directly. No credit extended to the Partner
Regional Partner – Has presence in major hubs,  normally a specialist IT partner
Local Partner – Niche Player in the region
Market Coverage
Customers will vary from SME, Corporate  & Public Sector
Geographical Coverage
Local presence in city with capability to cover  other regions
Partners that buy from MTN and on-sell to other businesses. MTN contracts, invoices and bills the Partner directly. Partner provides 1st line support to their end customer.
Specialised partner focusing on solution sales and implementation of complex solutions
Market Coverage
Customers focus Corporate & Public  Sector & Upper SME
Geographical Coverage
Has a National Foot Print, with regional Office  and remote offices in rural areas

To sign up to our Channel Partnership Programme:

1. Complete the basic information below.

2. Upload your company CIPC documents.

3. Complete the MTN BUSINESS PLAN template.



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