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Delivering security to meet the needs of the ‘new normal’

Delivering security to meet the needs of the ‘new normal’

With the unexpected and almost overnight move to working from home last year, businesses learned many harsh lessons, with perhaps the biggest of these being around security. Setting people up to work remotely is one thing, but doing it securely is quite another.

If users are accessing the office network from home, how can the business ensure they are connecting securely?

For MTN, the solution was to add VPN licenses with Multifactor Authentication to existing and new firewalls, provision of new APNs and provide email cyber security systems to enable remote workforces to connect to the company network and for business continuity. However, the companiesy quickly realised that training users on the technology was crucial.

It is also important to remember that internal threats are some of the most dangerous ones organisations face today, including malicious insiders, such as current or former employees or contractors, who have authorised access to the organisation’s systems and intentionally misuse that access to affect the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of the company’s data. While actions of this nature can be easily monitored in an office environment, it is far more difficult in a work from home environment. For this reason, it is now vital to secure data, as well as infrastructure and access to the environment.

Businesses also need to be aware that Internet of things devices that are not hardened or security-enabled can offer attackers backdoor access into the network – so it is important to be cognisant of these potentially dangerous points of accessthreat vectors into the network.

In addition, the ‘bring your own device’ trend further complicates the security situation. When businesses have users working from everywhere, and from any device they need to ensure they have security measures such as an enterprise mobility management solution to safeguard personal devices from hacking, or remotely wipe the memory off critical data if the device is lost or stolen.

While the biggest security issue in the present is people, automation is likely to be the future’s major challenge. To drive automation, AI and large volumes of data are needed.

Automation relies on the cloud and the concept of the data lake, and it goes without saying that once the business has vast volumes of data in one place like this, it will have to ensure it has the best possible layered security in place.

MTN Business has developed A suite of Cyber Security controls and solutions ensuring business data management and protection solutions in Cloud, hybrid, and private environments.

To find out how we can co-create security solutions for your enterprise, please send an mtnbusiness.marketing@mtn.com

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