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MTN Business steps up to ignite SME growth

We  acknowledge SMEs as the next generation of digital businesses, the economic growth of the future. Their business designs are digital in nature blurring the line between the digital and physical worlds. We promise to usher these businesses in an unprecedented convergence of people, business and things that disrupts and challenges the status quo of business models. In order to boost this sustainable growth, MTN business is the first to partner with the National Gazelles, a new and ambitious programme which will provide a R2.5 million per annum grant to this SME empowerment programme for the next 3 years. Together with the National Gazelles, we have established an integrated business development programme with one mission; to help your business grow through expert guidance, beneficial partnerships and crucial financial support.

What's the programme about?

The National Gazelles is a flagship programme of the department of small business development and its main delivery agency, the small enterprise development agency. The programme identifies a group of 40 businesses every year to benefit from an integrated business development programme aimed at accelerating growth.

How does the programme work?

The three-year partnership will initially comprise grants to high potential SMEs in the ICT sector, along with comprehensive business development workshops and services offered by MTN Business. The grants will be used to boost growth through asset funding, supporting market access and innovation.

What's the value of the programme?

The programme aims to strengthen South Africa's economy by empowering your business. There is a symbiotic relationship between your business and job creation. MTN Business and The National Gazelles are now offering a platform that will take advantage of this beneficial relationship in a way that ultimately aids the nation as a whole.

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