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Defend your business

With Arbor Anti-DDoS

Why MTN and
Arbor Anti-DDoS?

Stay ahead of the competition by keeping your online services on track
Works with your existing security assets to ensure uptime, prevent data breaches, and deal with malware
Tested in the world's largest, most complex networks
Protect both cloud and on-premises resources

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks target the capacity limits of network resources and IT infrastructure. Attackers send request after request, resulting in an online service that works slowly - or not at all. Modern DDoS attacks are increasing in sophistication, scale and frequency.

At MTN, we understand that a high standard of service is key to growing your business. The impact of online downtime on your business‘s reputation simply can‘t be played down.

This is why we‘re offering you the best-in-class Arbor Anti-DDoS solution. Bundled with our Internet connectivity and MPLS offerings, and tested in the world's largest, most complex networks, Arbor Anti-DDoS gives you a surefire way to ward off these malicious attacks.

Using revolutionary stateless technology, Anti-DDoS is able to deal with inbound and outbound threats to both cloud and on-premises resources. Intelligent and automated, it works with existing security assets to ensure uptime, prevent data breaches, stop malware, and safeguard your business.

Don‘t wait for an inevitable attack - take action with MTN and Arbor Anti-DDoS today!

Who is it for?

  • Medium- to large-sized enterprises
  • Public sector organisations
  • Corporates
  • On-billers and resellers

The Arbor Anti-DDoS solution makes perfect sense for any organisation or business that depends on providing online services, including medium- to large-sized enterprises, public sector organisations, corporates, partners, and other MTN Business customers.

Key features

control Stop inbound threats, malware, and data breaches using stateless technology
control Easily integrate the solution with your security stack and processes
control Cover both cloud and on-premises resources with a hybrid security solution
control Block outbound communication from compromised hosts
control Become part of the security ecosystem with this workplace solution
control Rest easy with a product backed by global threat intelligence
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