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MTN Managed Firewall

MTN Managed Firewall

Let us be your business' first line of defence against unauthorised access to your network and malicious software threats. We can help keep your valuable data secure by protecting your corporate network, internet gateways and hosted environments with MTN Managed Firewall.

MTN Managed Firewall safeguards your confidential, business-critical data by securing your networks, hosted environments and internet gateways against unauthorised access and malicious software.

In addition, this fully managed product will help you comply with regulatory and corporate policies and simplify the management of your network perimeter security.

While we fully manage this product 24 hours per day, all-year round, we understand that you need added control of and visibility over your network's security, so MTN Managed Firewall lets you remotely alter permit rules, destination IP addresses and more simply by logging in to a secure customer portal.

What does it offer your enterprise?

MTN Managed Firewall is the ideal security solution for your business as it offers the following:

  • A fully managed firewall solution
  • No technology lock-in
  • No capital expenditure
  • Reduced operational expenditure
  • Firewall management portal for customer control
  • Port blocking and packet inspection



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