Security as a service MTN Temperature Screening Solution for COVID-19 South Africa
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MTN Temperature Screening Solution

Quickly and remotely detect whether anyone entering your business premises has an elevated skin temperature or is not wearing a mask.

How does it work?

Using non-contact thermographic CCTV cameras and advanced analytics, this automated product helps your business minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission between employees and customers alike by scanning multiple people at once and identifying at-risk individuals.

Benefits to your business

The MTN Temperature Screening Solution:

  • Can be deployed in public open spaces with a large inflow of people.
  • Quickly identifies targeted behaviour and symptoms, such raised body temperatures or whether someone isn‘t wearing a mask.
  • Uses advanced AI technology to detect only human skin-surface temperature and reduce false alarms of other heat sources.

Download the MTN Temperature screening solution brochure here.

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