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Strike back against cyber-criminals

with Cyanre Digital Forensics

Why MTN and Cyanre Digital Forensics?

Let expert investigators ease
your security concerns

Identify, collect, preserve, and analyse data evidence
Conduct risk assessments and save money
Secure your resources and hit back at criminals in court

Cybercrime is a real and ever-present threat to businesses that rely on online services and data. If you’ve ever had to recover from a ransomware attack or investigate fraud, you’ll want to put matters to rights.

A fairly new and highly technical field, digital forensics involves identifying, collecting, preserving, and analysing data in a way that preserves the integrity of the evidence collected so it can be used effectively in a legal case.

Whether you’ve been the victim of cybercrime or are concerned about online threats, Cyanre Digital Forensics experts and MTN can help you secure your resources and hit back at criminals in court.

With the likes of the US Secret Service and FBI as clients, Cyanre’s highly regarded professionals maintain rigorous international standards. Specialising in computer and mobile forensics, investigations and training, they’ll conduct risk assessments and audits, gather evidence and consult to ensure a more secure environment. They’ll even serve as reliable witnesses.

In this increasingly connected world, Cyanre Digital Forensics can save you money by deflecting costly attacks, ensure that you comply with regulations and help you win legal battles.

#Wegotyou covered when it comes to preventing or recovering from security breaches.

Who is it for?

  • SME’s
  • SOHO’s
  • Corporates

SOHO’s, small- to medium-sized enterprises,
corporates and any organisation looking to prevent
cyber-attacks and mitigate risks should sign up.

Key features

control Search and analyse large amounts of data quickly
control Retain integrity of artefacts for admission to court
control Identify threats and vulnerabilities
control Reveal controls against rule violations and threats
control Derive insights and trends from data
control Benefit from expert advice and walkthroughs
How do I subscribe?
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