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Security as a service

​Ensure the integrity of sensitive information at all times.

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Perimeter security

MTN Managed Firewall

Keep data safe with visibility of and control over your network, hosted environments and internet gateways.

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Arbor Anti DDoS

Ensure uptime, prevent data breaches, and deal with malware and other threats to your cloud and on-premises resources

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Web security

Antivirus for web

Protect against malware, spam and data leakage. Get centralised content management, archiving and branding.

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Mail security

Antivirus for mail

​Protect against malware, spam and data leakage. Get centralisedcontent management, archiving and branding.​​

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Antispam for mail

Block unsolicited bulk emails. Safeguard data and privacy against phishing scams and other threats.

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​Expandyour network to higher speeds or multiple locations through a high-performance MPLSVPN. ​

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Virtual private network (VPN)

​Enjoy network scalability on a fully managed and secure VPN with SLA-based monitoring and 24/7 support.​

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Vulnerability Assessment

​In the modern world, the security of your business’ sensitive data is a priority.​

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Cyanre Digital Forensics

Prepare and preserve data evidence and hit back at cyber-criminals in court with expert help

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Surveillance and Security

Netspoke Cloud Access Security Broker

Protect your data and users, wherever they may be, with our state-of-the-art Netskope cloud security...

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