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Desktop as a service

​MTN Desktop as a Service

Give your desktop or laptop a makeover and take it to the cloud with MTN Desktop as a Service. There's no need to install any applications, and any desk can be your desk as all you need is a user profile: a central server securely houses all the applications and data.

The physical machine is an empty 'shell', and your profile determines what you may access as well as which programs you can use.

What does it offer your enterprise?

MTN Desktop as a Service is the ideal virtualisation solution for your business as it offers the following:

  • A decrease in the number of technical support resources required
  • Huge savings in the customer organisation's electricity bill
  • Data is protected from theft, vandalism or corruption because it resides in the secure data centre
  • Cost savings are realised by procuring terminals, as opposed to the more expensive laptops or desktops
  • Productivity increases are visible as employees are provided access to particular applications and programs



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