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In the New World, you always need to know how your business is doing. Introducing MTN Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), a fully integrated management software solution that efficiently optimises your company's processes, enabling you to track and organise your business anywhere, anytime.

As a cloud-based offering, MTN Enterprise Resource Planning requires no large setup costs or the need to hire additional IT staff, giving you access to every detail of your company's processes, regardless of location or department. This allows you and your staff to work in-sync across departments, resulting in fewer delays and more potential for growth.

Instead of using an expensive on-premises-based installation, our subscription-based offering is more affordable and requires no hardware purchases or software upgrades.

What does it offer your enterprise?

  • Streamlining your business is easier than ever before
  • No on-premises installation means no large investment required
  • As it's managed and supported by MTN, there is no need to hire IT staff
  • The functions and processes of MTN Enterprise Resource Planning are able to be adjusted to meet the needs of your business as it grows
  • Our team can be deployed whenever support is needed to help you take advantage of new business opportunities

Features and packages

  • One package, one payment: No additional costs as the subscription you pay covers software, service and support

  • Continuous innovation: The cloud-based software is continuously maintained and updated without any hassle to you

  • World-class security: Through an array of physical and network safety measures, your data is always securely protected

  • Partner support: Assistance is never far away as MTN Business is on hand, every step of the way to support you

  • Personalised functionality: Completely integrated, the offering is able to provide add-on solutions suited to your business requirements



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