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Hosted PBX

​Hosted PBX

You may have existing telecoms infrastructure on your premises, but you can still reap the rewards of the new world of business. And it's easier than you think…

Connecting your system to our network via Internet Protocol (IP) allows your private branch exchange (PBX) to support seamless video conferencing, cheaper​ internal voice calls and data over your corporate network while running standard voice telephony across public telephonic networks.

Choose from the Business, Standard or Advanced packages depending on ​your budget and requirements. Or opt for the fully outsourced MTN Managed IP PBX solution.

What does it offer your business?

  • Reduced capital expenditure, maintenance costs and total network cost
  • Increased access to converged applications
  • Seamless support for remote communication across a private corporate network
  • It's now easier to make and receive fixed and mobile local or international calls
  • Ability to add extra functionality with ease​



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