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How does it work?

Available in three different bundles, Yello Biz gives your business dedicated landlines to make and receive calls local, national, international and cellphone across all local service providers.

Each of the Yello Biz bundles includes the hardware and licences you’ll need, along with an innovative plug and play design, enabling you to set up a PBX system that’s both tailored to your business and doesn’t require costly installation.

Using a unique combination of best-in-class technologies and hosted on our secure and rigorously monitored Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network, Yello Biz significantly reduces capital expenditure and maintenance costs, along with equipment and data costs.

Yello Biz offers a range of capabilities, from call waiting to conference calling, and can be further enhanced with add-on functions which include providing music on hold or monitoring multiple telephone numbers.

For added convenience, you can request new telephone numbers or keep your business’ existing numbers, so that business remains uninterrupted while it gets more connected.

Yello Biz bundles

We’ve designed three different bundles, enabling you to choose the hosted PBX solution that best matches your business needs.

  • Desktop
    Suitable for a single office telephone user.
  • Desktop-Plus
    Suitable for a receptionist or executive’s assistant.
  • Walker
    Suitable for users that require a cordless telephone.

Click here to download Yello Biz User Manual

Benefits tailored to your business needs


Yello Biz is scalable, offers cellphone integration and automatically leverages any future advancements to our core network.

Real-time management

Manage users, services and infrastructure through a single online portal that accommodates growth and new technologies.

Reduced expenses

Yello Biz is hosted and managed by MTN, reducing your capital expenses and maintenance costs.

Reduced operational costs

Yello Biz is available via Fixed LTE, offering low-cost data connectivity, and least cost routing ensures very low call rates.

Hardware included in bundles

Each bundle includes the telephone handset and applicable licences.
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