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How to retain a millennial team

Insights from inc.com on working with a tricky generation.

A recent report by Infosys and the Future Foundation has revealed that companies are doing a terrible job trying to retain millennial staff. Read the full article on inc.com here.

"The survey found that 80 percent of Millennials view training as incredibly important. It's a driver for their success. They view their future at a company as wholly dependent on the skills they learn and the education available. If they are not constantly learning new skills, they will find the door faster. Millennials expect great things. They expect constant training, the opportunity to give feedback, and easy-to-use tools. Leave one of those things off the table, and you'll find that Millennials will find a new table. "

Phumla Malishe, a millennial who works for MTN Business as a Loyalty and Retention specialist, describes what keeps her at the telco network: "Being in an environment that encourages you to develop yourself and still learn more than what you are currently doing [is ideal]. A lot of people my age are looking for exposure to other things. Development and expanding my knowledge and skills is a big thing. I went from digital to brand, to websites, to social media, communications and business to business marketing - I've been given the opportunity to try something different. This has helped me to develop new skills. If I had to go to another company, I would be able to stand on my own and do what is required." What does your company do to keep millennials happy? Share your thoughts on social media. Twitter or linkedin.

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