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Unlock the benefits of virtualisation for business

Read how virtualisation can give you more control and efficiency

Cost, productivity, efficiency and time – these are the most common pain points for organisations and individuals.  Companies are constantly asking how to improve the functionality of devices and solutions so as to make them easier to use, faster in their deliverables and more efficient.  Virtualisation is providing many of the answers to these questions and there are innovative solutions that help address these challenges and shift personal productivity to the next level.

“The pain points identified by our customers speak to efficiencies, cost saving and productivity,” says Jeremy Potgieter, Group Manager, Enterprise Business Unit, MTN. “To this end, we have launched the foundation of our Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) ecosystem – a management platform with a dedicated core network that addresses these points and has extensive capabilities.”

The MTN solution has SIM, Device and APN management functionality and it opens up the MTN network to its customers, transforming them into MTN engineers. This open API approach allows the user to integrate and automate their internal processes which then results in the development of solutions that can minimise or eliminate human intervention and thereby drive efficiency and productivity. 

When the business is allowed to manage the lifecycle of their SIM cards, billing and APNs, they get instant access to their connectivity requirements. So there’s no queue at the call centre, no logging tickets, no 24-hour waiting periods. Everything related to the SIM card and the business sit on a central portal on the network. This is virtualisation at its sweetest, providing the organisation and the user with a fine layer of control that instantly transforms the frustrating into the seamless.

“Device management services mean that customers don’t need to send technicians out to troubleshoot devices in the field as they can now access them remotely,” adds Potgieter. “That’s a cost saving and a productivity boost in one. Then, we have also released an SDK (solution development kit) that supports aspiring developers in building solutions that address the everyday problems they encounter in their specific industries.”

Through this advanced level of virtual control the business can also include services with intuitive analytics. These tailor-made statistical analytics reports will give customers guidance and best practice so they can further drive efficiencies.

“When analytics are paired with the MTN API services you can start to see the real value of IoT ecosystems as decisions and automation triggers flow from the analytical components of MTN’s systems,” explains Potgieter. “With the advent of IoT, industrial control devices are now also connecting to the cloud for benefits that include optimising product efficiency, minimising environmental impact and reducing downtime.”

The virtual environment hands the business the keys to a rich world of data, control and capabilities that were previously unattainable. It allows for deeper management of time, processes and efficiencies and can remove the need for people to become involved in the tedium, freeing them up to focus on more important things like work, business and life.

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