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What does your style of leadership say about you

Take the leadership style quiz to see what kind of leader you are

1. When the photocopier blows up, do you:​​​​​​

a) Grab the fire extinguishers you had installed, put the fire out grab your mini tool kit and see if it can be fixed.

b) Wait for one of your staff members to take the initiative and sort the problem out.

c) Call a meeting to brainstorm the best solutions and give the task to a team to resolve.

2. A hectic deadline is about to be missed, do you?

a) Work through the night by yourself to get the problem solved.

b) Make the task someone else's problem because they are competent.

c) Gather your team around and ask them for solutions until you have a workable plan.

3. You have to give a presentation to your boss about your team's performance, do you:

a) Fetch all the stats you need yourself, analyse them and put a rip-roaring slide show together to knock the bosses' socks off.

b) Outsource the entire job to your most trusted junior.

c) Divide the tasks among your team members according to their skills, but keep final say over the actual presentation.

4. When a prospective employee walks into your office, what books will they see lying around?

a) The neatly packed books include titles such as The Wolf of Wall Street by Jordan Belfort.

b) Everything ever written by Malcom Gladwell.

c) Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People.

5. Your team has successfully completed a tough project, do you:

a) Start strategising about the next project and how you can pull off an even bigger win.

b) Let your team carry on as usual.

c) Treat everyone to a brilliant lunch with the restaurant chosen via a poll.

Mostly A – Autocrat

If you answered mostly a, your leadership style is that of an autocrat. This leader makes decisions without consulting the team, which can be useful when decisions need to be made quickly and there is no time for team input. However, ignoring team members who may have useful ideas to add to the conversation can be demoralizing, and it can lead to high levels of absenteeism and staff turnover.

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Mostly B – Hands Off  

If your answers were mostly b, you have a hands off, or laissez-faire approach to leadership. This means you give your team members total freedom to do their work and set deadlines. You would provide support, resources and advice if needed, but otherwise don't get involved. This can be good for team members who work best without constant management, but problematic if staff can't manage their time well or lack skills, knowledge, or self motivation to do their work effectively. This type of leadership style can also happen by default when managers don't have control over their team. If this is your leadership type, you'll benefit from MTN's Cloud Solutions.​​

Mostly C - Democrat

If you answered mostly c, you are a democratic leader who takes into account everyone's input, but makes the final decision. This leads to a creative environment in which your team is highly engaged in projects and decisions, and tend to be productive and satisfied. However, it is a time-consuming approach and endless meetings and conference calls can be tedious when an e-mail would have sufficed.

Democratic leaders make the final decisions, but they include team members in the decision-making process. They encourage creativity, and people are often highly engaged in projects and decisions. As a result, team members tend to have high job satisfaction and high productivity.

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This quiz is based on psychologist Kurt Lewin framework of leadership styles and is not meant to be a psychological assessment, but is for informative purposes only. The products and solutions mentioned in the categories are not part of Kurt Lewin's framework of leadership styles. ​​​

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