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Women in ICT Feature: Jay Sookdeo

Driving expansion through collaboration and communication

”During my career, I've become extremely passionate about sharing knowledge and upskilling people.“ Jay Sookdeo, CIO: Bosch Rexroth

As Bosch Rexroth expands its footprint across the continent, its strategic partnership with MTN extends beyond connectivity solutions. Bosch Rexroth is Africa's largest fluid power and automation company – and is a leader in the design, manufacture, installation, service and repair of mobile and industrial hydraulic solutions. The partnership with MTN is of vital strategic importance to the leading industrial player, says Jay Sookdeo, Bosch Roxroth's CIO.

Formerly holding a sole agency with German-headquartered Bosch Global for its products and solutions, a proposal by Bosch to Rexroth shareholders culminated in it acquiring a 100% stake in Rexroth two years ago. Now the entity is making expansion into Africa a priority with 15 countries targeted and multi-billion rand turnover a part of the mission.

”We're already in Namibia, Kenya, Ghana, Morocco, Botswana, Mozambique and Zambia, with our sights set on Egypt,“ says Sookdeo.

”We can't roll out new branches without the security of having a trusted connectivity partner. MTN's voice and other solutions, as well as its extensive footprint into and knowledge of Africa, is highly strategic to making this expansion successful.

MTN is assisting with ensuring quality service in Africa and has a good team of people to work with. Its spectrum of products, from VoIP to BI, from AI to IoT, as well as digital transformation and connectivity solutions all play an integral role in the solutions we offer to our clients.“

Over a 14-year voyage with Bosch Rexroth and a career steeped in both finance and ICT, Sookdeo has had a tremendously exciting journey through the global technological transformation that preceded today's journey of adapting to the challenges of digital transformation.

Over the years, there have been numerous cases of financial officers ‘switching' to becoming custodians of their companies' IT functions. This migration has been as a result of the evolution and adoption of technology during the technology transformation. Sookdeo is one such person, who recognised that the future lay in the value-add of IT.

”When I flipped from finance into IT, the company I was working at had 25 people on email and it was a very big thing,“ she explains.

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