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Business LTE Business LTE

Using MTN's superior LTE network, the service is ideal for small- to medium-sized customers looking for an affordable, fast, and reliable internet-based product.

It is also targeted at customers who require a reliable, alternative solution to copper-based technologies, such as ADSL and Diginet. Large corporations that require internet connectivity for their small, remote sites or for staff working from home can also sign up for the service.

The service is available in areas where there is Fixed LTE network coverage as determined by the coverage map.

Solution is made up of these components

Anytime Data - available for use 24hrs a day; Work Express Data - available for use between 08:00 and 17:00, 7 days a week; A choice of Broadband LTE Top-Up bundles, from 2GB to 100GB; Compatibility with a range of MTN approved CAT 6 and above LTE Wi-Fi enabled routers.

Price plans

MTN Business Broadband LTE offers a wide range of base price plans that include Anytime Data and Work Express Data. These price plans are available as:

SIM only

On a month to month contract; Customers may purchase a compatible Fixed LTE router from MTN or use their own compatible router.

Including device

Various contract terms from 6 months to 24 months; An MTN approved Fixed LTE router is included in the monthly charge.

Price plan
(per month)
Anytime Data Work Express
Total Data Sim Only

Including Device

6 Month Term
Including Device

12 Month Term
Including Device

24 Month Term
MTN Business Broadband LTE 10GB 10GB 5GB 15GB R119 R449 R259 R149
MTN Business Broadband LTE 15GB 15GB 10GB 25GB R149 R479 R289 R179
MTN Business Broadband LTE 30GB 30GB 30GB 60GB R199 R529 R349 R199
MTN Business Broadband LTE 60GB 60GB 60GB 120GB R379 R699 R509 R399
MTN Business Broadband LTE 110GB 110GB 110GB 220GB R579 R899 R709 R599
MTN Business Broadband LTE 170GB 170GB 100GB 270GB R699 R1 019 R829 R729
MTN Business Broadband LTE 230GB 230GB 120GB 350GB R879 R1 199 R1 009 R899

*All prices include VAT

*Deals with a device include a ZTE MF286R router

Click on the deal prices to apply online.

Key features of Broadband LTE:

  • Larger data bundles at a lower price
  • Fast and reliable access speeds
  • No physical line installation, meaning you're up and running quickly
  • One free Static IP on request
  • Customers may purchase a compatible Fixed LTE router from MTN or use their own compatible router.

How to sign up

The service is only available in areas where the is Fixed LTE coverage, so three basic steps are followed to determine eligibility

Step 1:
Check if you are in an area where there is Fixed LTE coverage (done by customer)

Visit MTN's coverage page Click on the Fixed LTE tab Enter your physical address and search

Step 2:
Apply for the service

Go to your nearest MTN Store or Fill in your details in the form below, and an MTN Representative will contact you or Call 083 123 1800

MTN Business Broadband LTE offers

The following routers have been tested and approved by MTN
for use with the MTN Business Broadband LTE price plans:

Terms and conditions apply

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